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Welcome to my world…

The aim of these pages is to offer scholarly and creative words and images to share insights into my academic profile and creative interests. My current curiosities and future research goals are included, as are my teaching and other professional experiences. You will find links to my social media pages and regularly updated blogs are planned.

Where am I?

I am presently a seminar tutor, guest lecturer, and PhD candidate at Lancaster University. My research interest is cross-disciplinary, bridging management and design – more specifically – design of experiences. Present research, seminar teaching and guest lecturing are within the School of Management, specifically covering Organisations, Work and Technology.

Where was I?

Majoring in Theatre at Dartington College of Arts – Plymouth University, I trained as an actor, dramatist and artistic director in experimental theatre. I graduated in 1995 with BA (Hons) before founding Theatre of Red Earth in the south west of England. Working professionally in the making and touring of experimental theatre, I returned to academic study in 2006 to complete a Master of Research Methods in Management at the University of Bath before becoming a higher education consultant. In 2012, I returned to learning and gained a Master of Research in Digital Innovation within the HighWire Doctoral Training Centre – part of the School of Computing and Communications at Lancaster University – before commencing a Management PhD programme in 2013.

Where am I going?

I am proud to be a Hybrid with interests and practices connecting the design of contemporary, digitally enhanced performance production, and management.  I have a combined 20 years experience in theatre, events and management practices. Enthusiastic about keeping up to date with experimental and contemporary theatre, you’ll often find me visiting new productions. I travel to see cutting edge new writing and devised pieces whether they are interactive, immersive, gritty observation or any other avant-garde theatre that reflects the day’s cultural issues. Add this to my fascination with how organisations – like theatre – reflect life; I am eager to merge my dual interests to further develop my academic career.

I do hope you find something of interest within these pages.

Warmest wishes

Mari x